22 List of Medical Courses in Nigeria Universities


On this part, you’ll get to realised some programs you didn’t know are medically oriented in Nigeria.

These are the 22 Record of Medical Programs in Nigeria Universities

1. Anatomy

2. Biochemistry

three. Biomedical Expertise

four. Dentistry and Dental Surgical procedure

5. Human Anatomy

6. Human Vitamin and Dietetics

7. Medical Biochemistry

eight. Medical Laboratory Science

9. Medical Rehabilitation

10. Drugs and Surgical procedure

11. Nursing/Nursing Science

12. Vitamin and Dietetics – Drugs

13. Optometry

14. Pharmacology

15. Pharmacology and Therapeutics

16. Pharmacy

17. Physiology

18. Physiotherapy

19. Prosthesis and Orthopaedic Expertise

20. Public Well being Expertise

21. Radiography

22. Veterinary Drugs

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