NewsNaira: Make Money Online In Nigeria Reading News

Have you ever wondered how to make legit money online in Nigeria reading news?

If your answer to the question above is yes, then you’re in the right place because I will be showing you just how to make money with NewsNaira.

You may have landed here from Google looking for:

  • How to Make Money Reading News
  • What is NewsNaira
  • NewsNaira review
  • Is NewsNaira Scam or Legit
  • NewsNaira Payment Proof
Whatever you searched for, what matters is that you’re going to find the answers to all your question pertaining NewsNaira here.
The owners of claim you could make ₦40,000 weekly by carrying out simple tasks like:

  • Logging in and browsing through their website.
  • Posting Statuses On Facebook.
  • Commenting On their Posts.
  • Referring new users (not compulsory).
  • Creating forum posts.

How true is this? Could it possibly be true? Don’t be fooled by anyone.

Make sure you read this post to the end to find out if NewsNaira is Scam or Legit.

But What is my Sole Purpose of Writing This Post About

Honestly, not to generate downlines!

I want to save you the stress of wasting your time and money as well as save you from missing a wonderful opportunity.

I will tell you Advantages as well as Disadvantages of being a member of

To help you understand what this program is all about, we will be looking into the following:

  • What is
  • How Does NewsNaira Work?
  • NewsNaira Payment Proof
  • Why You Should And Shouldn’t Join NewsNaira
  • How to Join NewsNaira And Start Making Money
  • Bonus!
There is no need to waste your time anymore. Let’s go straight to business.
Reading News on

What is is a news forum where you read news and discuss with other members of the forum just like Nairaland.

But unlike every other forum, this one has an income program which pays you for being a member.

 How Does NewsNaira Work?

The format of is very simple that even an Internet newbie can make use of it effectively.
There are 6 options on which can actually get money into your bank account.
Make Money Online on NewsNaira

1. Active Daily Login: You earn ₦50 once everyday for logging in to your NewsNaira account.

2. Reading News: You earn ₦2 for any news you read on

3. Commenting on Posts: When you read new, drop a comment, you make ₦3 and you can comment as much as you can as long as it is on different posts.

4. Posting News: Each time you post stuff on Facebook never get paid.  Here you are paid ₦5 for every news you post and you can post unlimitedly in a day.

5. Sharing Sponsored Posts: You are paid for sharing sponsored post on Social Media ( These post are unique and could be posted at most, twice a day). You are paid ₦100 for each sponsored post you share a day.

6. Referral (Optional): You make extra ₦1000 once your friends join NewsNaira through you. If you are able to refer 10 persons a day, that’s extra ₦10000 for you.

But Note: Referral is never compulsory! You can still cashout with referring a single person. Referral is only a means you use in making extra money.

Those are the many ways through which you earn on NewsNaira.

You know the most interesting thing about NewsNaira?

You are paid to do what you do daily on Social Media 

Now join me let’s do some calculations to see how much you can make weekly.

Let’s say you login everyday: 50×7 = 350

Let’s say you read 50 news topics daily: 2×50×7 = 700

Let’s say you comment of 50 news daily: 3×50×7 = 1,050

Let’s say you post 10 news each day: 5×10×7 = 350

Let’s say you share 2 sponsored post each day: 100×2×7 = 1,400

Then you refer 2 persons in a week: 2,000.

Now let’s add:
350+700+1,050+350+1,400+2,000 = 5,850.

Now if you should wait for a month: 5,850×4 = 23,400.

NewsNaira Payment Proof

I know you’d still need a proof to convince you before you join.
Now here is my story:
An old lady met me and told me to help her with my account number to receive money.
She told me her Son used her details to register for one program called NewsNaira and that it’s paying very well.
I laughed with me because I was convinced it’s going to be another scam but I gave out my account details anyways.
I was surprised when I got an alert from on one faithful Saturday morning.
I was still in doubt so I had to login to their website to check out the names of those they paid and voilà, her name was top 3 on the list.
The most interesting thing there is that she was paid without referring any single person so I to get registered.
Below the screenshot of the money I received for the woman and my own payment respectively.

Why You Should And Shouldn’t Join NewsNaira

If you remember vividly I told you I’d be showing you the advantages and disadvantages of joining NewsNaira.

If you are hoping to make millions overnight from this program, Oga find another place.
NewsNaira is not for lazy persons who are not ready to work hard to make money.
If you are very industrious, this is an awesome program for you because it’s very legit and could pay you at least (I said at least) 20k a month (you could make more).
It is very easy to access and does not consume much data.

How to Join NewsNaira And Start Making Money

Now you have seen that NewsNaira is very legit and now you want to join. 
For you to be a member, it’s absolutely free of charge but once you register, you need the sum of NGN 1,600 to upgrade your account to be able to earn. (If you don’t upgrade, you can read news but won’t earn).
But why?

Nothing good comes easy. Besides the pay is worth it looking at how much you’d make. 
And whenever you remember that you spent money to join the program it will help you work harder.
Now lersl move straight to how to join.

You first of all check your bank account balance to make sure you have up to NGN 1,600 before you continue.

Then move to NewsNaira registration page or you copy and paste this link in your address bar

Then you will be welcomed with the registration page of NewsNaira.

Allow it to load very well then you fill your full name, your username, your phone number and email address as well as your bank details and password.

When you are done filling everything necessary, click on “Create Account”.

Congratulations! You have just registered your account on NewsNaira but mind you, you have not upgraded your account and so you cannot start making money at this stage.

How to Upgrade Your NewsNaira Account

This is even more simple than ABC. All you have to do is login to your NewsNaira account and you will find out that there are two methods of activating your account.

The first is paying online through paystack and the second is purchasing a coupon code.

I will show you the less difficult method which is purchasing the coupon code from a vendor.

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