NNU Forum Review: Make 35k Monthly on NNU Forum 2019 [No Referral]

Hello everyone, today I will be dropping my honest NNU Forum Review.

NNU has relaunched and today we will be taking about it; its new features and how to make money from it.

NNU is undoubtedly the first website that started paying it users to read news and today is still leading.

You may have landed from Google while searching for:

  • NNU Forum
  • NNUForum.com
  • NNU Income Program
  • NNU Income v2
  • NNU Income 2019
  • How to make money from NNU Forum
  • Is NNU Still Paying?
The fact is that I don’t care about what you searched for.
All I do know is that you are either a student, a working class, a single mom, a business, a blogger or an internet user and one thing you do have in common with everyone mentioned here is that you’re looking for how to make money online through NNU Forum.

That is what I am actually going to show us today.

What is NNU?

NNU is only but an acronym meaning Nigerian News Update.
So as the name implies, it is a forum in Nigeria, made by a Nigerian called Paul Samson, for Nigerians where news and updates concerning Nigeria is being discussed.
But this is a kind of different from other websites and forums because it has what we call NNU Income Program and with this you can make money.

How to Make Money With NNU Forum v2

People Reading News on NNU Forum
If you recall vividly, NNU did no start today. Many of us started since 2017 but along the line something happened and it crashed.
The good news is that NNU is back and now bears the name, NNU Forum.

This second version of NNU is a different one from the old.

The owners claim there are six methods of making money from  NNU Forum this 2019:

  • Affiliate Earning: As a fully registered member of NNU Forum you will earn 71.5% of the amount paid by someone who registered through you. That means you will make N1000 when someone registers through you. (Referral is not compulsory)
  • Active Daily Login: You will earn N50 for logging into your account daily. That means for everyday you login, you earn N50
  • View Forum Topics: As a registered member you’ll earn N10 for each forum post you read. The fact is that you don’t even need to read it to get paid, just open the post you earn.
  • Posting Comments: For each relevant comment you post on NNU Forum you’ll earn N20
  • Posting Forum Topics: Whenever you post a well structured and not copied topic in the Forum, you’ll earn N200. You can even earn more, up to N500 – N1000 if the admin finds your post very interesting and constructive.
  • Sharing Post on Facebook: NNU will assign posts to each member everyday to share on Facebook and once you share the post you earn N100
Very interesting and exciting ways to earn huh?
Now I am going to help you do the calculations to know how much you can actually earn monthly from NNU.

Daily login: 50 × 30 = N1500 monthly
Viewing Forum Topics: 10 × 20 × 30 = N6000 monthly
Posting Comments: 20 × 20 ×30 = N12000 monthly
Posting Forum Topics: 200 × 30 = N6000 monthly
Sharing on Facebook: 100 × 30 = N3000 monthly
Affiliate Earning: 1000 × 2 = N2000 monthly
Total: 1500 + 6000 + 12000 + 6000 + 3000 + 2000 = N30500

Very interesting. Making 30k monthly in Nigeria could be very hard but here the new NNU Forum is promising you that for doing what you do daily on Social media.
Note: Refferal was added just for members to get make extra money and its not compulsory hence you can withdraw without referral.
Still having doubts about this new NNU?

The fact is that you have every reason to doubt this one due to what happened in the old one.
But remember that the problem was not making the money, people made a lot of money from the former NNU.
The problem then was to cash out. After getting much money from the forum people were not able to cash out.
The truth: This is Nigeria and there is this adage used here in Nigeria which says: first come first serve.

The first NNU was actually paying till it stopped at some point. And this new one will surely pay now (it was launched 3 days ago) and will continue paying till (we’re not praying for it to stop paying shaa)
I give you the assurance that those who will join at the initial stage will benefit more from this NNU Forum.

Payment Proof for NNU Forum

I guess you might still want to see a payment proof of NNU Forum before you join it, you’d want to know those who it has paid.
I had to wait for me and others to get paid before I update it here in Nairahub.
Before is a proof of those who were paid by NNU Forum:

How to Easily Join NNU forum

Now you’ve made up your mind to join NNU Forum (and I promise you won’t regret it because only those who take risks will secure the bag, Lol.)
So let’s proceed:
First of all make sure you have balance of N1,400 in your bank account before you proceed.
1. Proceed to NNU Forum v2
NNU Forum Registration Page
2. Fill in your details in the form as seen above
NNU Forum Page
3. Select “paystack” accept terms and conditions as seen in the picture above.
4. Then click on “Make Payment”
NNU Forum Page
5. You meet a page resembling the picture above so tap on “Click To Pay With Paystack”
6. Now you will have to choose your mode of payment. I suggest you go with “card” or “bank” then proceed and make payments
Make sure you follow the link in this post to sign up because everyone who does so will be added to my WhatsApp group where I’ll be posting latest tricks of making enough money from NNU Forum.

My Own Review of NNU Forum: is it Legit or Scam?

Now I’m not going to be be biased neither am I going to hype anything here.
Is it a scam?
For now I have not seen anything wrong with this forum.
Is it legit?
I’d say yes and I have three reasons for saying so which are:
1st: It’s a new Income program and such things (new income programs) pay at least for a year before it crashes (that is even if it will crash) 
So if you join it this early stage you will cash out many times before it even start to think of crashing.
2nd: The former NNU had a registration fee of N1,600 but in this new one N200 was slashed and you only need N1,400 to join.
3rd: The owner of the forum has promised that this is not going to be like the first one. 
Bonus: For the first 50 persons that joins, I am going to add you to my WhatsApp group where I will share secrets about maximizing our earning on NNU.
Don’t be late! 
Join now make everywhere stew for all of us, Lol.
Remember this is the link to join NNU Forum.


Making money from NNU Forum is something assured.
In fact with the calculations I used here, one could even make 30k or more monthly.
Remember why you should join it now as e dey hot!
Those who joined and wish to be added to my WhatsApp group should send me proof that will convince me that they joined.
Here’s my WhatsApp Number: 08110045837
And here’s the link to join.
Happy money making on NNU Forum.


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