JumiaPay (Formerly Jumia One) Lets You Make Money Plus Free Airtime

Jumia, the African leading online store has changed it famous Jumia One to JumiaPay. After a long time of silence  I am going to show you everything you need to know about JumiaPay (formerly Jumia One) and how you can make money using this wonderful  App.

Jumia One App
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I am not much interested in what keyword you used in getting here. All I am interested in is that you find the answers to your search. .

Today I will be showing you everything you need to know about the JumiaPay App, how to get free airtime and data as well as how to make money with JumiaPay.

But then, you need to find out first, what this App is.

What is JumiaPay (Formerly Jumia One)? 

JumiaPay or Jumia One is a free and secured online payment services which lets you make online payments instantly, with less cost and secured transactions. And the fastest online payments method as claimed by Jumia. JumiaPay keeps your data safe using a security system which adheres to safest security standard.  

With JumiaPay you can pay for TV subscriptions, airtime, data, fund you NairaBet wallet and even pay for things you shop on Jumia like accessories, phones, laptops, kitchen utensils, and many more.

How JumiaPay Works

For Android users, you go to Google Playstore and download while iOS users can download from Apple App Store (I will show you exactly how to download later on this post) 
After download you have to register with you phone number, then verify your registration. Only then can you access the wonderful services JumiaPay offers. 

How to Download JumiaPay 

Click on the JumiaPay download link which will take you to Google Playstore for Android users and Apple App Store for those rocking the iOS. Then download and install JumiaPay. 
Next is to register on JumiaPay and verify your registration. For registration you need to provide an email address, a phone number, and your desired password. Just follow the commands you will see on your screen it’s very simple.  

How to Get 500 Naira Airtime or Data Free

You are going to get a free N500, either in airtime or data when you register on JumiaPay but this works with fresh email addresses not associated with Jumia. So if you have an account on Jumia already, I suggest you use a new email to signup for JumiaPay so as to enjoy this free airtime or data.
Note: This is only going to work if you have N500 already in your bank account because they will deduct N500 from your account. But don’t worry you will get it back. 
Now look below for how to buy airtime or data on JumiaPay (there I will show you how to get the free airtime or data too). 

How to Buy Airtime Or Data On JumiaPay 

  • When you are signed in, navigate to either Airtime or Date (you will be the one to choose if you need airtime or data).
  • Next you have to choose your network operator 
  • Then put in your phone number and the amount you want. Just put in N500 because it’s your first time of using JumiaPay, then click “Proceed To Pay”
  • In the next page that opens, scroll down to where you will see the question “do you have a voucher code? “
  • Click it and paste “WELCOME100” in the space they will provide and confirm. 
  • Once the voucher code is confirmed click on “Pay Now”
  • Allow the next page to load, there you can add your payment method, either your card or your bank
  • Then checkout and you will be sent an OTP to confirm you are the one making the purchase  
  • Once you put the OTP, complete your purchase and you will be given either N500 airtime or data depending on your choice 
  • Check your JumiaPay wallet, you will see your additional N500 there which you can withdraw back to your account. 
So the N500 they will collect from your account, they will still give it back to you instantly. If you want up to 1000 naira for free, make sure you have up to 1000 naira in your account and use the same voucher code too. 
If you want to purchase airtime or data next time you can follow the method above without having to put the voucher code because it only works once. 
After your first purchase, JumiaPay will pay you 3% of any amount of data or airtime you want to purchase next time. 

How to Make Money With JumiaPay (Formerly Jumia One) 

I know you have been waiting to hear this one, lol. It is everyone’s dream to see themselves making money online without spending anything and without falling victims to scammers. JumiaPay lets you do that. 
The method you will use here is also he method used in the former Jumia One which is referrals. 
Don’t get it wrong. You will be thinking it will be too difficult to get to referr your friends. 
But as students, workers, you have friends you can refer and while you earn N500 from each person, they earn N500 airtime or data from you. 
When you start referring your friends and family, you are sure of at least N500 – N1000 daily.
So to make money with JumiaPay, log in to your account, go to the “refer” section then copy your code and start inviting your friends. 

Other Things You can Do With JumiaPay 

Jumia hosts giveaways, flashsales, treasure hunts and promos that let’s you buy products at a way cheaper rate and you can only participate if you have the JumiaPay App. 
With the App you can even start subscribing TVs for people and start making your money through there. 


There is nothing wrong with having the JumiaPay App. For one thing, you can make safe and cheap payments for your purchases and you can make money using JumiaPay at the same time.
Do not forget that whether you use an Android or Apple device, you can download JumiaPay with a single click and start enjoying. 

Your Turn

Did you know about the JumiaPay App when it was still Jumia One?  Have you used it before?  And what do you think about this innovation from Jumia? Use the comment box below to tell us what you think. 

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