Make Money Reading News With The Scooper News App For Free [Legit]

Many of us could be wondering what this Scooper News App is and how money could be made from it.

In one of my older posts I wrote about making money with the Eagleee News App by just reading news and today I will show you also how to make money reading news on the Scooper News App.

Scooper News App

You may have landed here from Google with the following search terms:

  • Scooper
  • Scooper News App
  • Download Scooper News App
  • Make Money Reading News 
  • Apps That Pay You to Read News
I don’t care about the search term you used to land on this page. All I care about is the fact that you came here to learn how to make money reading news with the Scooper News App and I am going to show you just that.

What is Scooper News App?

This App was formerly called Eagleee News App but now Scooper.

The App is meant to bring you latest viral content to keep you up to date from Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana and International.

And they discuss topics on Sports, Politics, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Quizzes, Novels and many more.

So while you read news articles and get information, you also get paid. Awesome!

But I know there could be a trace of doubt in your heart about the legitimacy of this App.

Well, I am a well known Blogger and Internet marketer and I am known for being legit – myself and products that I promote.

Enough of the story Golden. Show me the real thing.

How to Make Money Reading News on Scooper News App

There are many differnet way to make money on this App and I am sharing them below.

1 Registering Under a User: You earn on Scooper when you let an already registered user register you.

All you have to do is downlaod the Scooper App with the link a registered user will give you and activate your App with his activation code also (keep reading. I will give you my link and code below๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡)

When once this is done you will earn a whooping 5 coins.

2. Reading News: This is the main money making feature on Scooper News App.

You get 5 coins also for every news you read and you are allowed to read as many as you want but only get paid for 30 news articles.

This means that in as much as you read many news articles, you only get credited for 30 news articles.

3. Daily Rewards: Scooper is so magnanimous to the extent that it gives it users a few bucks for doing nothing.

At intervals you could be earning 2-5 coins for just opening your Scooper App. 

4. New User Lucky Bonus: Just as the name implies, this earning feature is open to you if you are a new user.

You can earn up to 100 or 500 coins as registration bonus on Scooper if you are lucky enough.

5. Active User Reward: Scooper rewards active members with some stipends. Sometimes it could be 50 coins, at other times it could be 100 and at times 200.

Being an active user is not something difficult. If you read news daily on Scooper News App you are an active member and can benefit from this reward.

6. Referring New Users: When your friends download Scooper News App with your link you’ll earn 200 coins and when they activate their account with your acrivation code you earn extra 5 coins (while they earn 5)

Abeg Golden stop all this coin coin something! How much is that coin in Naira seff?

My Answer: before you make โ‚ฆ1,000 you need 5,500 coins (formerly 11,000 coins will give you โ‚ฆ1,000) but now with 11,000 you have 2K (Scooper keeps improving for the better)

Don’t be disheartened by what I just said ๐Ÿ‘† ๐Ÿ‘† besides registration is totally Free. It’s not like everyother get paid to read news websites where you are asked to pay before you can register.

And know this: You can’t make money if you are lazy.

But How Much Can I Really Make From Scooper News App?

If you want to know just how much you can make from the App then lets do some calculations below ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡

Now let say…
You read 30 news daily => 30ร—5 = 150
You refer a friend each day => 200
You get daily rewards => 5
You get active reward bonus => 100

In a day…
You get 150+200+5+100 =455 coins

In a month…
You get 455ร—30 days = 13650 coins

With that…
You can earn โ‚ฆ2,000 monthly and still have a balance of 2650 coins which you can rollover to next month and earn higher.

Note: I didn’t include all the bonuses you ger when you register.

So with the calculations above you can see that you can make money for your monthly subscriptions on Scooper and when you put in more effort (like in referring more people) you tend to make more money for free ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž

Oya! Lets proceed.

How to Download and Signup For Scooper News App

Before you can start making money on Scooper you need to download the App.
To download the App, click here!
Download Scooper News App
You have to make sure you copy out the activation code which is: H6BCEZ. 

Then you have to click on “Download App. Get Cash” button which will automatically redirect you to Playstore.
On Playstore you will no longer see the App as Eagleee but as Scooper and that is where their change comes in. 
So download the App and move on.
Scooper News App Homepage
Once you have downloaded, installed and opened the App you will find a homepage similar to the one above ๐Ÿ‘†๐Ÿ‘†
What’s next?
Accept Privacy Policy:
Accept Scooper Privacy Policy

Accepting Privacy Policy on Scooper News App is a very simple thing. Just click on “Accept” and you are good to go.
The next?

Choose Your Country
Choose Scooper News App Country
You are required to select the country you currently live in. 
If you live in Nigeria choose Nigeria. There is no preference given to foreigners.
What’s next please?
Scooper News App Homepage
If you are welcome by a homepage resembling the one above then you did the right thing. You’re just a few ways away from unlocking all the money trapped in Scooper News App.

Log in to Scooper News App

Log in to Scooper News App
You first need to log in to your Scooper App to start making money on Scooper.
To log in you need to click on exactly where the arrow is pointing in that picture above.
What you should see there is an Eagle icon. My own picture is showing there instead of an Eagle icon because I have logged in already.
When you click on the Eagle icon option to login either with Facebook, Twitter or Google (GMail) will appear so use the one that suits you to login. (Next time you open the Scooper App you don’t need to login again).

Start Making Money on Scooper News App 

It’s now time to get things started. The time to make money from Scooper News App while reading news.
How to Read News on Scooper News App and Get Paid.

Looking at the bold title above you could begin to wonder if there’s a way you’ll read news on Scooper and don’t get paid.
Sure there is. And that is why you should pay attention to this part of the post.
Now to read news and get paid, launch (open) your Scooper News App, click on a news headline. 
When you opened a news headline, start reading the news and while reading, pay attention to the lower right hand side of your screen (you’ll see a coin having a dollar sign). 
Keep scrolling down the news until the coin begins to bounce.
When once the coin starts bouncing, click it and boom! You’ve earned 5 coins.
You can now quit that news and open another news healing. Keep reading till you reach 30 news headlines which will give you 150 coins.

Refer And Earn: You need to refer friends to Scooper to maximize your earning.

There are just three steps to do so:

Step 1:

Refer a User to Scooper News App

The first step is to launch the App and click on the wallet icon exactly where the arrow points to.

Step 2: 

Refer a User to Scooper News App

The second step is to click on the invite button where that arrow points to.

Step 3: 

Refer a User to Scooper News App
Now when you land on this page, click the “Invite” button. You will see options to invite on Facebook, Twitter, Google, WhatsApp or anyone that suits you.
When your invitee downloads the Scooper App you will get 200 coins. (Sometimes you don’t get your coins immediately but by the next day it should appear).

My Own Scooper News App Review

Scooper News App though time consuming is a very great App because it has a two-way effect. It gives you information and at the same time give you money.
I so much recommend this App because its absolutely free (and such free things are hard to find these days).
I suggest you give it a try and regularly smile to the bank.
Don’t forget that you can download the App easily from here!


  1. Can you pls help me verify my Scooper news app.. am from Kenya and the offer is only available in Nigeria. Need to verify with a Nigerian phone number

  2. I had the app long ago it was of recent I went through the app and saw that I could make money from it, so I wanted to check my balance but they keep telling me to verify my number of which I did and they keep telling me to try again later. Please help me out.

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