NNU Income Program Review: Make 50K Monthly [Read This Before You Invest]

In today’s article I’d be taking you on NNU Income Program (N.I.P) Review.

The owners of NNU Income Program claim you could make 1,000 daily and 50,000 monthly by carrying out simple tasks like:

  • Logging in and browsing through their website 
  • Posting Statuses On Facebook 
  • Commenting On their Posts
  • Referring new users. 

And today I am going to show you if actually their claim is true or false.

You may have landed on this page through Google with the following search queries:

  • What is NNU Income Program?
  • How to Make Money with NNU
  • Is NNU Income Program Legit or Scam?
  • Who is The Owner of NNU Income Program?

But what is the sole purpose of this NNU Income Program review?

Honestly, not to generate downlines!

I really want to save you the stress of wasting your money as well as save you the pain of missing such a wonderful opportunity.

I’ll tell you the advantage(s) as well as the disadvantage(s) of NNU Income Program.

Honestly typing, It’s a legit program that can earn you money.

Important: But that’s not all there is. Before you invest in it, make sure you read this post.

To help you understand what NNU Income Program is all about, we will be looking into the following subheadings:

  • What NNU Income Program Is 
  • How NNU Incone Program Works 
  • NNU Income Program Payment Proof 
  • Why You Should And Shouldn’t Join NNU Income Program 
  • How To Join NNU Income Program.

Now let me not be a time waster no more. Let’s go straight into the real deal.

Make money on NNU Income Program

What Is NNU Income Program?

NNU Income Program(N.I.P) is a program established for Nigerians especially Youths, Students, Middle Class and etc to help liberate poorverty in among them as well as aiding them in making legit money online. This makes it’s participants liable to payment on monthly basis.

How NNU Income Program Works

The structure of NNU Income Program is very simple. There are many different ways of making money on nnu.ng.

As a participant you have 5 options to earn to your bank account on NNU Income Program.

1. NAP: Meaning NNU Affiliate Program and with it, you become an affiliate once you register and are approved. And as a affiliate you enjoy huge commission of 62.5% per referral on anyone who joins NNU Income Program through your referral link. This means that when you refer anyone (friends, relatives) who successfully join N.I.P, you earn a cool ₦1,000.

NARS: As a participant, you share ad revenue with NNU.ng when you take part in NNU activities monthly.

The good news about this NNU Incone Program…

It’s not a ponzi scheme (mind you! I don’t promote ponzi). And it’s not like a ponzi scheme.

What do I mean?

We all know that ponzi schemes requires that you refer someone before you can be paid (if at all you will be paid).

But NNU Income Program is not like that.

You earn without referring anyone (cool huh?)

When you refer, you only increase your money.

Now you could be wondering…

How do I earn on NNU Income Program even without referring anyone?

Look at them below…

2. Active Daily Login: When you login to your account daily on NNU browsing and reading news you can earn  ₦50 or more depending on daily revenue share.

3. Commenting and Contributing: When you browse each post, read and contribute your view by comment, you earn from ₦1 ₦2 and above on each post you commented depending on daily revenue share.

4. Sharing Sponsored Posts: This is another means that enables you earn through NNU Income Program. On a daily basis you are expected to share a sponsored post that will be assigned to you on Facebook or Twitter.  You will be paid the sum of 100 for sharing daily sponsored posts.

These are really awesome ways to make money on this platform.

You know why I love NNU Income Program so much?


Imagine getting paid to do what you like.

Imagine getting paid to login

Imagine getting paid to read news.

Now let’s do some calculations to see how much you could make with this program. 

Let’s say you log in on daily basis which is 50X30= 1500 (For just logging in).

Let’s say you comment on 50 posts each day which is 2X50= 100 then 100X30= 3000 (for comments alone) 

Then you share sponsored post each day which is 100 and for a month 100X30=3000 (for sharing sponsored posts daily) 
Now 1500 (daily login) + 3000 (comments) + 3000 (sponsored posts) = 7500.

Now you refer up to 10 people which is 10000.

You now sum 7500 and 10000 which will give you a whooping 17000 (Normal pay for a lazy type) 

NNU Income Payment Proof

I know how most Nigerians behave. They’ll even use mirror to look at a wrist watch (lol)
You could still be doubting the legitimacy of NNU Income Program hence I bring you the screen shots below as proof:

First payment proof

NNU Income Payment Proof

Another payment proof

NNU Income Payment Proof

NNU Income Program payment proof

NNU Income Payment Proof
It is said that seeing is believing and I guess you believe now.
Still in doubt? 
Let me tell you a brief story about the founder of NNU. ng and NNU Income Program.
Who is the Founder of NNU.ng/ NNU Income Program?

He call himself my humble friend but I prefer to call him boss. 
His name is Paul Samson a very well known Internet marketer.
He is the founder of G-Cyber Technologies  and he also founded CoolNaira which served as an income stream for many. 
But you may still wonder:
Why does he pay people to read news on. His website? 
Here’s the answer:

To succeed as a website or blog owner, you need to get popular.
NNU.Ng just started and he has big news websites already like Nairland, Naijaloaded, Naij which would obstruct the growth and popularity of NNU.Ng.
To avoid that from happening he invented NNU Income Program which pay it’s members. 
And that strategy worked for him because by the time of writing this post he has 88,245 registered members. 
So Thomas I know I’ve given you enough proof. 
Now having taken you so far pay attention to: 

Why You Should And Shouldn’t Join NNU Income Program

If you still remember from the onset I told you I was going to show you the advantages as well as the disadvantages of joining NNU Income Program.
It’s not for lazy people. So if you are lazy like me just pack well because you’ll not make money on NNU.Ng (No food for a lazy man )

Impatient guys that are looking to break bullion van shouldn’t join it because NNU Income Program won’t give you fast money.


NNU Income Program
needs no formal approach. You can access it and login from the comfort of anywhere you may be.

If you are hardworking and patient alike, you could make more than 50k in a month.

How to Join NNU Income Program

You have now seen that NNU Income Program is legit and not a scam and you have seen the disadvantages and advantages of being a participant of the program.

For you to be a member of NNU Income Program you have to get registered with the sum of NGN 1600 only (Chicken change).

But why? 

Nothing good comes easy. They pay is worth it because what you stand to gain is better than what you are to spend (The NGN 1600).

The more reason why you should pay before joining NNU Income Program is for you to take it seriously and work harder. 

You could be wondering how to join the program easily.
It’s very simple and straight forward. 
Look at the steps and screenshots below to learn how to join NNU Income Program
  • Step 1: The first thing you need to do is to click on the link below to open the Sign up page. 
How to Join NNU Income Program
  • Step 2: You have to fill the form accordingly.
  • Step 3: Choose Paystack as your payment type as seen in the screenshot above.
  • Step 4: To continue you have to click on “CLICK HERE TO PAY WITH PAYSTACK” as you see in the screenshot above. 
  • Step 5: Now you have to decide your payment method. You either decide to pay with Card, or with Bank, or with GTBank 737 code or with Visa QR. 
  • step 6: Congratulations.  You are done with the regisregistration. All you have to do is wait till you are approved. 
As soon as your account is being approved, don’t take chances no more.

Start logging in, commenting on posts and participating fully as an NNU Income Program member.

My Final Words on NNU Income Program

There is no reason for you to quit joining this awesome NNU income Program unless you are as lazy as I am.
It is damn legit and has 0% chance of being scam.

Your Turn
Use the comment section to tell me what you think about NNU Income Program and problems and doubts you have regarding it.

Happy money making 🤑🤑🤑


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