Make Money Reading News With The Eagleee News App For Free [Legit]

Many of us are familiar with the Eagelee News App but what we aren’t familiar with is the fact that money can be made just by reading news on the app.

I found out about it and today, I’ll be teaching you how to make money reading news on the Eagleee News App.

Make Money With Eaglee

You may have landed here from Google with the following keywords:

  • Eagleee
  • Eagleee News App
  • Make Money Reading News
Whichever the keyword you used, all you are looking for is how to make money reading news with Eagleee News App.

What Is Eagleee News App?

This is an app that is created to bring to you latest viral content to keep you up to date from Nigeria,  Kenya, Ghana and international.

They cover topics on sports, politics, entertainment, lifestyle, quizzes and novel.

So while you are reading their contents, you still make money.

Attention: Eagleee News App has changed its name to Scooper News App and has also changed most of its features and payment methods. I recommend you read my latest post about How to Make Money Reading News on Scooper News App

But you may wonder if this is legit.

My answer:

I am known for being legit. And I don’t promote scam or ponzi so I wouldn’t this time.

This is not a piece of crap!

Now let me go straight into the real deal:

How To Make Money Reading News On Eagleee News App

There are three different ways:
1. Registering Under a User: You earn on Eaglee when you register or let an already registered user register you. All you have to do is use a users link to register then activate your account with their activation code and you earn 5 coins (I will provide you with my referral link as well as my activation code later).

You only earn once from registering under a user.

2. Reading News: This is the main money making stream on Eagleee News App. You earn 5 coins for every paid news you read.

Pay Attention: You only get paid to read some certain news and so you won’t get paid if you’re reading from the home tab.

So where will you find the paid news?

Just keep reading because I’ll show you later.

3. Referring News Users: When you refer your friends and others with the referral link given to you, and make them activate their account with your activation code, you make 10 coins (while they make 5)

Oya! Golden enough of this coin coin! What is the value of this coin in naira seff?

Well, the answer is heartbreaking.

11,000 coins equals 1,000.

Don’t cry yet! In fact don’t stop reading.

Reason this way:

You don’t pay to get this App because it’s totally free (yes free!)

Then if you work real hard to make 100 daily and refer many people, you’ll make it.

Besides, if you’re lazy you can’t make money. 

Okay, I’ll stay!

How To Download And Sign Up For Eagleee New App

Now you need to download the Eagle News App before you can be able to start making money from it. 
So to download the App click here

Eagleee News App
But before you proceed to download, copy the activation code (H6BCEZ) because you will need it later.
Now click the “Download App,Get Cash” button which will take you to Google PlayStore. 
Download the App normally as you download Apps from Google PlayStore then Install the App.

Eagleee News App Front Page
Once you have downloaded, installed and opened the app, you will find a front page like this picture above.
What’s next?
Accept Privacy Policy:

Eagleee News App Privacy Policy
Once you passed through the front page, you need to accept privacy policy for you to continue. 

Choose Your Country:

Select Country

Now once you have accept Privacy policy on the Eagleee News App a screen looking like the one above will appear. This is where to choose your country. Nigerians should choose Nigeria and those in other countries should select the country they are in.

Eagleee News App Home Page
If you are welcomed by something resembling the photo above that means you are on the right track. That’s the Eagleee News homepage.
So what’s next?
Login to Eagleee News App:

Login to Eagleee News App
Next is to login so that you’ll be able to access all the features on Eagleee News App. So to login, look at the bottom of your screen and late and click on the “Me” tab then choose to login with either Twitter, Facebook or Google Accounts.
Put Your Invitation Code:

Eagleee Invitation Code
Now you need to put your invitation code so that you can earn 5 coins already. Look at the bottom of your screen once more, locate the “Money” tab with the dollar sign then click on it then a page like the one above will appear now click on “Enter friend’s invitation code” and the code to enter there is H6BCEZ.

Attention: You may receive an error message when you put the invitation code. All you need to do if you see the error message is to quit the App and reopen it the try the process again and earn your 5 points.

Start Making Money On Eagleee News App

Now it’s time to unlocked all the money Li ked in the Eagleee News App by reading news.
Here is where the confusion lies:
A lot of people complain that they read and yet they earn nothing. This is because they are not doing it the right way and that’s why I am writing this article.
What should be done to earn?
Earn Coins on Eagleee
You need to click on that “Money” tab again then click on exactly where the arrow points to; “Earn coins by reading” then start reading news.

Click The Coin
But you don’t just earn when you read. You have to do something else.  You have to click on the dollar coin but that should be after the coin must have started bouncing.

Refer And Earn: 

Refer a friend
Remember that I said you earn 10 coins for everyone you refer and the picture above just shows you how to refer someone to join the Eagleee News App.
Click the “Money” tab once more and click on share your code their you’ll find a link with which you refer others. 

My Own Eagleee News App Review

Eagleee News App is a good App in the sense that you read the news from it and at the same time make money from it.
But it is time consuming and yields little result. 
Nonetheless, I still recommend it because it is a free stuff that actually pay (Such free things are hardly found these days) and if you give it much time you can actually smile to the bank because of it.
I suggest you try it and see.
Do not for get that you can download the App from here and that the invitation code you’ll use is H6BCEZ

Your Turn:

Have you ever heard about the Eagleee News App? Do you know you can make money with it? Do you have any question? Then make sure you use the comment box below to inform me about it.


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  2. Hello Oyinloye,
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    I hope this helps.

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    I hope you understood?

  4. Hello,
    If you have reached the minimum withdrawal then click on the money sign and click on cash out. Now select an amount that corresponds the the number of coins you have.

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